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Birthdate:Nov 12, 1956
Location:Texas, United States of America
I am another person on this dirt clod hurling through the cosmos.

Interests (135):

acoustic music, alternate lifestyles, anime, anne rice, backpacking, bagpipes, bdsm, biking, bluegrass, bodhran, body jewelry, books, bowling, british comedy, british food, camping, canoeing, canoes, cats, celtic, celtic music, celtic reconstructionist paganism, celtic restorationist paganism, celts, chieftains, clannad, colcannon, cold weather, cooking, costuming, curry sauce, darts, diet coke, dr who, drawing, eddie izzard, enya, ethical slut, faun, fish and chips, folk music, fraggle rock, full english breakfasts, gaelic storm, gardening, goddesses, gods, goonies, gothic, guinness, guitar, guitars, harry potter, heathenism, hermione granger, hiking, homesteading, ireland, irish festivals, irish music, irish trad, irish tunes, italian food, kayaking, kayaks, kissing, kittens, kurt vonnegut, labyrinth, long hair, lotr, luna lovegood, mandolins, massage, mountains, omnia, open minds, oriental food, paddling, pagan, paganism, pete seeger, photography, piercing, piercings, pink hair, pink heads, pirates, play piercing, poe, poly, polyamory, princess bride, pubs, qntal, raising chickens, reading, red dwarf, redheads, reels, ren faires, renaissance, renaissance faires, renaissance festivals, robin of sherwood, scarborough faire, scotland, scottish, seisiun, seisiuns, self-sufficiency, shakespeare, simon & garfunkel, simple living, singing, single malt scotch, spriggan, steeleye span, stevie nicks, storms, sushi, sustainable living, swords, tattoos, the chieftains, the glass menagerie, the princess bride, thrift stores, thunder storms, tin whistles, tolerance, uillean pipes, windy days, winter, wolfe tones
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